Simon Selosse History

The Simon-Selosse family estate is located in Avize, in the heart of the Côte des Blancs, in the Marne department. Philippe Simon produces fine wines in the pure respect of the earth and the environment. This winemaker harvests his own production according to traditional ancestral methods, which give his Champagne wines a great finesse and a good quality of aromas. Your champagne producer in the Grand Est welcomes you to the heart of its exploitation for wine tastings and visits to the winery.

Traditional Chardonnay grape Champagne

Simon-Selosse champagne enjoys a reputation for quality that is worthy of being presented and recommended in numerous guides, such as the Hachette Guide to Wines and the Gilbert & Gaillard Wine Guide, as well as in the prestigious Sommeliers International magazine.

The Simon-Selosse family farm is rich with 4 generations of harvesters, who passed on their passion and know-how for the production of their Blanc de Blancs champagnes from Chardonnay grapes. The result is fine and delicate wines (Prestige Brut, Unpasteured Extra Brut and Traditional Brut) and other prestige products at great value in the catalog. We offer the tasting of our Champagne wines at the estate, in Avize, in the Marne.

Would you like to have our Champagne wines tasted at a special event? Your champagne producer offers bottle customization, which will help make your event memorable and memorable: wedding, birthday, christening, golden wedding, celebration and other important celebrations.

The customization of champagne bottles and the filling of large bottles require a preparation time of a minimum of one month. Contact our winery for details and pricing of these operations.